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You are really always on the ball when it comes to support, planning and performance.

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Our Content Factory is 3 years old, our editorial community is in place and our SEO strategy is bearing fruit.

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We have created dozens of pages in 4 different languages to respond to requests for information.

Valentine Chelius,
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To attract and retain a community of performers, Adami established a complete editorial strategy and monthly newsletter.
To generate qualified leads via its ABM strategy, Adobe produced 3 expert interview videos and an infographic for sales people.
To acquire new corporate and mid-market professional customers, Adyen produced 14 SEO articles and case studies.
To show its expertise to its B2B customers, Air Products issued 2 white papers on the problems in its sector.
To address their SEO challenges, Aircall produced articles, FAQs, white papers and case studies in 4 languages.
To promote the talents of its teams, Allianz created an original editorial device by producing 10 portraits of employees.
To convert new leads, AWS implemented a content strategy and produced 30 case studies, 3 white papers and blog articles.
Apple asked us to produce editorial content for some of its digital media.
To create its FR and EN editorial identity and increase customer loyalty, Arkema produced an editorial charter and 200+ pages on its website.
To generate new qualified leads, Asus set up a content strategy with articles, infographics and video interviews.
To refine its positioning, Auchan Retail International completely redesigned its site in 3 different languages.
To build customer loyalty, BNP Cardif produced 4 informative motion design videos in step-by-step mode.
To present its offers in a simplified way, BNP PRE revamped its site and its content: services pages, articles, videos...
To position itself on user searches, Bayer migrated its site, performed an SEO audit and produced articles and data visualizations.
To implement its ABM strategy, bioMérieux produced 10 premium contents used by sales staff to engage future customers.
To develop its inbound strategy and generate qualified leads, Biospringer set up a Content Factory: white papers, articles, videos...
To generate more traffic and acquire new customers, Bostik produced a series of 50 "Do It Yourself" SEO videos and articles.
To attract new customers to join the group's clubs, CMG launched a new blog and produced 100 articles and 15 infographics.
To generate more traffic and conversion, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe designs and produces 6 SEO articles per month.
To simplify health topics for its customers, CNP Lyfe launched a mini site with 80 videos, 20 articles, 10 infographics and 15 quizzes.
To build editorial consistency for its future content, Carniato produced an editorial charter, articles and a white paper.
To promote its new product line and acquire new customers, Clairefontaine produced 6 stop motion videos.
To generate new leads and new customers, Comet produced 2 white papers on the theme of the "future of work".
To generate traffic on its site, Crédit Agricole produced 2 blog articles and 1 video per month and shares localized offers to IDF (Paris region) residents.
To generate more traffic on its site and convert its targets, CA NE produced articles and infographics for its mag.
To engage its audiences, Crédit Agricole Nord de France designed and produced an editorial charter and articles.
To acquire new leads and new customers, DXO created a blog and an editorial strategy, and issues +120 articles per year.
To generate new leads and acquire new customers, Dekra produced 3 white papers for professionals.
To enhance its new brand image, engage its audiences and increase its conversion, Devred produces SEO editorial content.
To improve its reputation as part of its rebranding, DocProcess produced 3 motion design videos and rewrote the pages of its FR and UK site.
To generate new leads and new customers, Docusign issue 2 white papers to facilitate understanding of their signature tool.
To stand out from its competitors, ESCP implemented a global content strategy in Europe, and produces SEO articles and podcasts.
To optimize the natural referencing of its content, Effy produced an energy guide with 25 pillar pages and several infographics.
To raise awareness about visual health, Essilor France implemented an SEO strategy with an audit and over 200 content items: tutorials, videos, articles...
To generate new qualified leads on a specific theme, Euler Hermes France produces an ebook.
To make people want to participate in games and increase downloads of its application, FDJ produced 10 fun and interactive snack formats.
To bolster its inbound and topic cluster strategy, Fermentis created an editorial charter and produced infographics, brochures, presentations, etc.
To gain brand visiblity on the online banking market, Fortuneo produces 10 videos, 20 articles and 15 infographics every year.
To build its community on LinkedIn and develop its B2B communication, Free2Move Lease produces more than 60 posts per year.
To gain brand visibility, GMF produces 16 mini interactive polls on everyday topics for its social networks.
To get more qualified leads and improve conversion, Getty Images produces 3 white papers and 2 articles per month.
To improve its referencing and gain visibility, Giphar produces blog articles, infographics and motion design videos.
To improve its visibility and increase conversion, GrandVision produces videos, articles, infographics and a reference page.
To develop its traffic on strategic categories of its site, Hachette produces SEO optimized articles.
To increase its traffic and optimize its search results, Happytal produces SEO content such as product sheets and articles.
To improve its search results and user journey, Hello Fioul defined its editorial charter and produced 50 SEO articles.
To structure the vision of the brand with its collaborators and partners, IAA produced a strategic print deliverable and associated assets.
To get more visibility and promote French culture, IF produces 15 to 30 content items per month: articles, fact sheets, interviews...
To increase its traffic and optimize its search results, Intersport produced 50 articles, 200 product sheets and landing pages.
To generate more leads and convert more prospects, Jaguar Network creates customer case studies.
To gain visibility, Jellagen has taken advantage of our strategic support and produces numerous content items: white papers, videos, articles...
To generate new leads and new customers, JobTeaser produces inspiring white papers and infographics.
To make its activity and services known to a new audience, Kavval created 100 product sheets for its new website.
To help people discover their universe for Valentine's Day, L'Occitane en Provence produced a series of podcasts and posts for their social networks.
To develop awareness of its most innovative startups, LVMH produces 25 vertical videos and an animated infographic.
To generate more leads, La France Mutualiste has redesigned its user journey, optimized its forms and is producing SEO content.
To improve its visibility and increase conversion, La Maison Bleue produces blog articles.
In order to move from a product brand to a service brand, Lesaffre produces over 100 contents for "all the bakers in the world" in 5 languages.
To optimize their natural referencing on Google, Macif has been producing more than 150 contents per year for 3 years thanks to its Content Factory.
To engage its audiences on its website, MAIF posts articles and newsletters on and in the family law magazine.
To give itself a more modern image among millenials, METRO produced a humorous web series in 7 episodes.
For the overhaul of its website, Maison Berger Paris created an editorial charter, new product sheets and tutorial videos.
To generate new leads and develop its visibility, MyTraffic produced a white paper, infographics and some interviews.
To position itself on search requests, NHCO established an editorial strategy: SEO audit, product sheets, 10 articles and 1 reference page.
To communicate with its employees, Nespresso Professionnel designed and produced an audit, a language book and an editorial strategy.
To increase the volume and quality of traffic from search engines and improve conversion, Nexity produces 40 to 100 SEO articles per month.
To improve its visibility on its strategic subjects, Neymo developed and produced 50 SEO articles and posts for its social networks.
To increase traffic on its website, Nomadvantage produces an editorial charter, an SEO audit and a Social Media strategy.
To generate new leads, OVH produced 4 white papers to simplify very technical subjects for its SME targets.
To generate customer acquisition and engagement, OneRagtime produces an editorial strategy, an SEO audit and expert content.
To generate new leads, Orange develops and produces a content ecosystem for its social networks (videos, animations, stories, etc.).
To improve the UX of the FAQ of the SNCF Assistant application, Oui SNCF is carrying out a complete graphic redesign (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).
To simplify its services for its target PMC, PSA Banque produced 48 articles and several infographics for the website.
To increase its subscription numbers, PSG produces and develops videos, stories and newsletters.
To accompany the launch of its product and communicate it to its targets, Scille created its new site and established a semantic audit.
To acquire new B2B customers, Payfit developed and produced 12 customer testimonial videos (interview + tool demo).
To acquire new B2B customers, Pharmedicom set up an editorial charter and produces content in several formats (surveys and articles).
To communicate and demystify scientific concepts, Philéo produced a white paper and posts scientific articles.
To increase its traffic and position itself on its strategic keywords, Primagaz produces a guide with 50 articles on the use of gas.
To make the information contained in studies on the real estate market accessible, Primonial Reim produces brochures.
To amplify its inbound strategy and generate qualified leads, Procelys benefits from our strategic support and produces numerous content items.
To improve its reputation and launch its marketplace, Qunyte produced an editorial charter and posts SEO articles.
To position itself as the "French Google", Qwant is producing creative content (graphic charter, gifs, display banners, etc).
To generate new leads, Reed Expositions established a content strategy from a group point of view, but also for each of its brands.
To communicate on the launch of its new products, Renault is developing and producing 20 flip book style press kits.
To increase its visibility and engagement among professionals, the Salon International de l'Agriculture produces content for its social networks.
To promote a new service among their B2B targets and obtain new leads, Saint Gobain developed and produced 2 motion videos.
To improve its search results and generate new leads, Salomon developed 150 SEO product sheets in 7 languages.
To drive its ABM strategy, Samsung produces white papers, emailings and banners based on sector of activity.
To improve its SEO positioning and generate more traffic, Société Générale produced optimized content and some FAQs pages.
To generate new leads, SoftwareOne carries out a Content Marketing strategy and produces blog articles and a white paper.
To generate leads and acquire new customers, Sport Heroes has produced some inspiring white papers and videos.
To gain visibility, Sysco is implementing a content strategy with articles, motion design videos and expert interviews.
To promote the group's offers and services internally, Total develops and formats internal communication brochures.
To gain in organic traffic and acquire new customers, Vinci Immobilier produces articles, motion videos and infographics.
To obtain more organic traffic and acquire new customers, Wixalia produced some expert articles, a white paper and revamped its UX.